HC-06 6-Pin Bluetooth Module

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The HM-06 Bluetooth module is intended for short-range wireless data communication between two microcontrollers or systems. This is the cheapest and most flexible method for wireless data transmission, and it can even transmit files at speeds of up to 2.1 Mb/s. The UART interface is used to communicate with the HC-06 module. The working current is matched to 30 mA, matching the communication for 8 mA.


  1. KEY
  2. VCC
  3. GND
  4. TXD
  5. RXD
  6. STATE


  • Engineering Projects 
  • Robotic
  • Computer Peripherals
Model HC-06 
Type Bluetooth Module
Bluetooth Protocol Bluetooth V2.0 Protocol
Power Level Class 2 (+6dbm)
Operating Voltage Range +3.3V to +6V
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to +55ºC
Operating Current 40mA
Safety Feature Authentication and encryption
Size(L*H*D) (mm) 39*16*3.5 (mm)

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