GHT0523 3A 120W SPST Reed Switch - Normally Open

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GHT0523 3A 120W SPST Reed Switch - Normally Open. A reed switch is an electromagnetic switch that operates with the help of an applied magnetic field and the electric field will be adjusted by the magnetic field. Reed switches, found in alarm systems, are positioned either flush within doors or surface-mounted on doors or windows. These switches consist of two parts: one acts as a switch installed in the door or window frame, while the other part, containing a magnet, is placed within the door or window itself.


  • Its contact form is A and normally open
  • Its contact material is Rhodium
  • Its switching capacity is 120 W/VA
  • Its switching voltage is 250 VAC
  • Its switching current is 3.0A
  • Pull-In Sensitivity 30-130 AT
  • Drop-Out Sensitivity Min. 25 AT
  • Operate Time Without Bounce Max 3.5ms
  • Bounce Time Max. 0.5ms
  • Release Time Max. 0.20ms
  • Resonant Frequency Type. 900Hz
  • Operating Frequency Max. 100Hz
  • Capacitance Typ. 0.8pF
Length 79mm
Size 79x5.4mm
Current Rating 3A
Current - Switching 3A
Voltage Rating - AC 250VAC
Part No. GHT0523
Contact Resistence 100m Ohm
Colour Transparent
Operating Temperature -40 Degree C- 125 Degree C
Material Rhodium
No of Pin 2
Voltage 250V AC
Current 3A
Switching Type Form A (Normally Open)
Type Reed Switch
Brand Glass Hi-Tech

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