G30H603 High speed IGBT MOSFET

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G30H603 is a High speed-switching IGBT MOSFET its maximum operating voltage is 600V. It has three terminal gate, a collector and an emitter used to emit the electrons, and the collector collects the emitted electrons by the emitter. It has very low turn-off energy. Its maximum junction temperature is 175 degrees centigrade. It has lead-free construction. IGBT MOSFETs are used in switching applications, mostly it's used to switch the power supply also known as an electronics switch. It's used to control the motor, it's used in UPS, SMPS Etc.


  • Its maximum junction temperature is 175-degree centigrade

  • It has a low EMI

  • It has small in size and lightweight

  • Maximum operating Voltage is 600V
  • Max Storage & Operating temperature should be: -65 to +150 Centigrade

Model G30H603 
Package TO-220
Collector Current 30A
Total switching energy 1.55mJ
Input capacitance 1630pF
Output capacitance 107pF
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C
Country of Origin China

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