Fume Absorber 493 for All Type Soldering and Repairing Works

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The majority of solder wires, solder paste, and fluxes include hazardous compounds like lead, which is extremely poisonous. The person doing the soldering must avoid inhaling the fumes that are released throughout the procedure. This solder fumes absorber is extremely useful in preventing health hazards for the operator of the soldering system. It contains a blower that draws the vapors in and an activated carbon filter that catches the hazardous particles. In the industry and for small businesses, this is a must-have equipment for soldering workstations.

Name 493E. S. D.
Input Voltage 110-220V AC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 16W
Size 220x270x168mm
Annex Activated Carbon Filters (3)
Weight 1.5kg

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