FRC / IDC Connector Crimping Tool 241mm

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FRC / IDC Connector Crimping Tool 241mm is designed for professionals and manufacture from high-quality material. As the name suggests it is used for IDC connectors. It has a crimping distance from 6mm to 27.5mm. It will make your work safe and easy. It will easily crimp your cable in the right manner. It is made from high-quality material that guarantees durability. Soft Rubber grip ensures the safety and makes it comfortable to use for a long time period.

Features & Specifications

  • Crimping distance 6mm to 27mm.
  • Length: 9.5 Inches (241mm)
  • IDC HT214 Crimping Tool
  • Long Handle and Better Grip 
  • Black Oxide Body Finish
  • Low carbon steel with Hardening


  1. Insert the flat cable into the IDC connector.
  2. Place the assembled IDC connector onto the suitable adaptor. you may use this tool with or without an adaptor, depends on the height or width of the connectors. For HT-214, adaptor,  one side is suitable for connector width up to 6mm and the other side is 10mm. For the DIP plug, please use the HT-214D adaptor.
  3. Put the adaptor and fixed onto the jaw.
  4. Squeeze the handles until they stop crimping the connector.
Material Carbon Steel
Length 241mm
Handle Colour Red
Weight 480g
Country of Origin China

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