Finger Detecting Based on IR Heart Beat Sensor Module

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This is a Finger Detecting Based on IR Heart Beat Sensor Module. This component is ideal for adding heartbeat sensing to your project; this detection module combines a phototransistor and an infrared led, which will provide a varying signal when a finger is placed between. As a simple module, it will work with a wide range of microcontroller-based projects.

This heartbeat detection module detects the pulse of the finger using a bright infrared (IR) led and a phototransistor; a red led flashes with each pulse. The pulse monitor works as follows: one side of the finger has the led turned on, and the other has the phototransistor turned on. When blood flows through the finger, and the photo-transistor is used to obtain the flux emitted, the resistance of the photo-transistor varies slightly. The most important thing is to keep stray light from entering the phototransistor. That is especially important for home lighting because the lights at home are mostly based on 50hz or 60hz fluctuations, so that a faint heartbeat will add significant noise.

 Product Finger Detecting Based on IR Heart Beat Sensor Module
 Type IR Sensor
 Operation IC LM358
 Dimensions 36mm*33mm
 Make  Made in India

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