FGA25N120 High Voltage 1200v fast IGBT Power Transistor

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The 25N120 is a high voltage, high current IGBT that can switch up to 1200V and 50A. It is made using NPT (Non-Punch Through) trench technology, which results in very low switching loss and low saturation voltage, making it suitable for use in low voltage switching driver designs and achieving comparatively high efficiency for its switching range. It has a very low gate saturation gate voltage of 2V, making it suitable for use in the design of low voltage side drivers. This IGBT is ideal for resonant and soft-switching applications such as induction heating and Tesla coil, Induction heating, large Solenoids, Microwave Ovens, etc.

Collector-Emitter Voltage  1200V
Gate-Emitter Voltage ±20V
Minimum Gate-Emitter threshold Voltage 3.5V
Maximum Gate-Emitter threshold Voltage 7.5V
Typical Gate-Emitter threshold Voltage 5.5V
Collector to Emitter Saturation Voltage 2V-2.65V( Varies with Temp. , Current and Voltage conditions)
Collector Current 50A at 25°C, 25A at 50°C
Maximum Pulsed Collector Current 90A
Diode Continuous Forward Current 25A
Diode Maximum Forward Current 150A
Collector Cut-Off Current 3mA
Gate-Emitter Leakage Current ±250nA
Rise Time 60ns
Fall Time 100ns
Size 15.5mmx4.8mmx20mm
Country of Origin China

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