FGA20S 125P Shorted anode IGBT

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Fairchild's shorted-anode trench IGBTs offer excellent conduction and switching performances for soft switching applications by utilizing cutting-edge field stop trench and shorted anode technologies. The device has great avalanche capability and may run in parallel. This gadget is made for microwave and induction heating. Its maximum reverse voltage is 1250V and the maximum forward current is 20A its used in induction, heating and ovens Etc.


  • Its use for high switching operation
  • It has high switching speed
  • Its low saturation Voltage is 2.2V 
  • Its low saturation current is 20A
  • Highly reliable
  • avalanche energy rated
  • Its used in switching circuits
Part number FGA20S125P 
Package TO-3PN
Brand Fairchild
Reverse Voltage 1250V
 forward voltage 2.4V
Output capacitance 40pF

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