FeCl3 for PCB Etching Powder

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PCB etchent is the most common etching solution for PCB boards. Your etching solution is ready when you mix the solvent with warm water. The solution can also be stored and reused. Every electronic hobbyist has a need to etch a printed circuit board (PCB) at home practically every time he considers making a circuit. Of course, there are many alternatives to etching, such as using protoboards. sometimes a genuine etched PCB is required in specific situations, when you require a precise track geometry for high-frequency applications, when you want a clean and good looking circuit, and when you need to employ small surface mount components (SMD). It's not difficult to etch PCBs at home, and it only takes a few simple (and inexpensive) tools.

Material FeCl3
Weight 80g
State Solid (Powder)
Country of Origin China

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