FDA69N30 300V N-Channel MOSFET

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FDA69N30 is a type of MOSFET which is basically designed by the use of DMOS technology its used in switching applications its operating voltage is 300V and the current is 59A. its used for high switching applications like in SMPS( switch mode power supply) and in UPS ( Uninterrupted power supply)  This MOSFET is designed to offer superior switching performance, increased avalanche energy strength, and reduced on-state resistance. This family of devices is appropriate for switching Applications for power converters include electronic lamp ballasts, flat panel display (FPD) TV power, ATX, and power factor correction (PFC).


  • Its low gate charge is typically 77nC

  • Its operating voltage is 300V

  •  Its operating current is 59A

  • Its used for fast switching applications

  • Improved DV/DT capability 

Model FDA69N30 
Package TO-3PN
Input capacitance 4670pF
Output capacitance  920pF
Reverse recovery time 246nS
Operating Voltage 300V
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C

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