Fairchild BF245C Transistor TO-92

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BF245C is a general purpose N-channel symmetrical junction field-effect transistors in a plastic TO-92 variant package. It is primarily made to be used as an audio frequency amplifier and as an amplifier in the VHF and UHF frequency bands. A very small and low gain signal (RF, audio, or any other signal) can be amplified to high gain with undesirable noise filtered using the transistor's high gain and low noise properties.


  • Its general purpose transistor
  • Its basically designed to use as a Switch
  • Its package is TO-92
  • Its mounting style is through hole

Applications :-

  • VHF Signal Amplifier
  • UHF Signal Amplifier
  • RF Oscillators
  • Audio amplification and preamplification
  • Verity of Low Level Signal Amplification
  • Sensor & Detector Circuits
Model BF245C
Brand Fairchild
Transistor Type N Channel JFET
Max Voltage Applied From Drain to Source 30 V
Max Drain to Gate Voltage 30 V
Max Reverse Gate to Source Voltage -30 V
Max Continues Drain Current 25mA
Gate to Source Cutt-off Voltage -0.5 V – 0 V
Max Power Dissipation 300mW
Operating temperature -55 °C - 150 °C
Package TO-92
Quantity 100
Country of Origin China

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