ESP8266 I/O Lead Out Adapter Plate Expansion Module for ESP-07 ESP-12E

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The ESP8266 Serial Wireless WIFI Module Adapter Plate is compatible with the ESP-07, ESP-08, and ESP-12E SMD ESP8266 Modules. ESP8266 adaptor plate for the ESP07, ESP08, and ESP12 microcontrollers. The WiFi module can be soldered to the PCB, where it is coupled to headers that clearly identify connecting locations. This adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect an ESP-12 module to a normal breadboard. Pins are readily set out and spaced at 0.1" intervals. Male header pins on the ESP8266 ESP-12 breakout adapter are compatible with our ESP8266 ESP-12F module.


  • It has a reserved land pattern for a 3.3V regulator.
  • Pinouts in black colour are on the upper layer.
PCB Color White
Size (LxB) 32x29mm 
PCB thickness 1.6mm 
Country of Origin China

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