EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Kit With Electrodes Cable

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This is an EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Kit With EMG Electrodes Cable. Measuring muscle activity by detecting the electromyogram (EMG) has traditionally been used in medical research; however, with the advent of smaller but more powerful microcontrollers and integrated circuits, EMG sensors can be used for various control systems.
This Muscle Sensor measures, filters, rectifies, and amplifies a muscle's electrical activity and generates an analogue output signal that a microcontroller can easily read, enabling novel, muscle-controlled interfaces for your projects.


Fitness and Exercise Heart Rate Monitoring, Portable ECG, Remote Health Care, Gaming Peripherals, Biological signal acquisition. 

EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Kit consists of

  • 1 x Ecg module AD8232 heart ECG monitoring sensor module.
  • 1 x Sensor cable.
  • 3 x Electrode Pads.
Supply Voltage  Normally ±9V Dual power supply, the minimum voltage is ±3.5V
Output Type Analog
No of Pins 05
PCB Size (mm) 26*30*7mm
Cable length 1 meter
Make Make in India
Country of Origin China

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