Heart Rate Monitor Kit with AD8232 ECG sensor module

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Operating Voltage  3.3V
Output Type Analog
Cable length 1 meter
PCB Size (mm) 36*30*18


  • The Heart Rate Monitor Kit consists of
    • 1 x Ecg module AD8232 heart ECG monitoring sensor module.
    • 1 x Sensor cable.
    • 3 x Electrode Pads.
  • It is used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. This electrical activity can be chart as an ECG or Electrocardiogram and output as an analog reading.
  • ECGs can be extremely noisy, the AD8232 acts as an op-amp to help obtain a clear signal from the PR and QT Intervals easily. 
  • The ECG Module AD8232 Heart ECG Monitoring Sensor Module Kit for Arduino is designed to extract, amplify, and filter small bio-potential signals in the presence of noisy conditions; such as those created by motion or remote electrode placement.
  • Applications: Fitness and Exercise Heart Rate Monitoring, Portable ECG, Remote Health Care, Gaming Peripherals, Biological signal acquisition. 

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