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DroneCore 1

10 times faster time to market for UAS developers

DroneCore is an AI-powered autopilot platform which brings exceptional value to UAS developers. We make UAS development faster, cheaper, and more resilient.


AI-driven autopilot with NVIDIA Jetson, Cube, and ESCs


  • NVIDIA Jetson: Xavier NX or Orin NX
  • CubePilot: Cube Orange+, Blue or Red
  • ESCs: 4x FOC-based speed controller



Proprietary highly optimized Electronic Speed Controllers suitable for quadcopter or octocopter

Various hardware configuration options

Jetson Xavier NX or Orin NX with support for various CSI and USB cameras (IMX477, OV9281, Flir Hadron, Intel Realsense, Ximea, Allied Vision, etc.)

Redundant FMU

Dual flight controller architecture for different use cases

  • The Cube Pilot (Orange+ or Blue) as primary autopilot
  • STM32H7 onboard FMU as secondary autopilot

Powerful SDK and easy-to-use API interface

  • ROS2-based SDK ready to use for autonomous flights
  • Unified Python API for various software layers (hardware access, localization, navigation, AI, etc.)
  • Open Source architecture

Various vehicles support

Support for different types of drones like VTOL, copters, planes, rovers, etc.

Redundant power supply options

9 – 30V power supply


  • The purpose of DroneCore 1 is to speed up UAS development with a cutting edge autopilot solution.
  • With rich connectivity and ESCs, DroneCore 1 is suitable for serial production of custom UASs.
  • 115 x 80 x 45mm

Mechanical parameters

  • Weight 247g - including Cube orange, Xavier NX, Xavier heatsink with fan
  • Dimensions 115 x 80 x 45mm
  • Mount with 4 screws/spacers M3 109 x 74mm
  • WiFi module
  • WiFi antennas 2pcs

Primary FMU Connections (CUBE Pilot)

  • Direct PWM output (6 + 8 lines)
  • PPM input
  • 2x CAN, 4x UART, 2x I2C, analog
  • Power sensor input, buzzer

Electrical parameters

  • Power supply range: 12V – 35V (6S LiHV)
  • Integrated DC/DC converter for control circuits
  • Redundant power supply with power good monitoring for control unit
  • Current protected peripheral connectors
  • 4 x FOC UAVCAN ESC 40A, featuring motor identification and motor diagnostics
  • Power sensor, SMBUS

DroneCore.Power (bottom power board)

  • 4 x FOC UAVCAN ESCs – 40A peak / 20A permanent
  • power sensor, SMBUS,
  • LED Driver for 4x WS2812B strips

Ardupilot (Cube) Connections

  • PPM input
  • PWM output (7 + 7 lines)
  • 2x CAN
  • 4x UART
  • 2x I2C
  • Buzzer
  • Power sensor input
  • ADC input
  • Buzzer

Jetson connections:

  • PCI Express (M2, Key E connector)
  • 4x USB 3.0 (ZIF connectors, reductions available)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (ZIF connector, reductions available)
  • 6 CSI (22 pin)
  • 4 GPIO
  • IMU BMI088 and barometer BMP388 on board
  • USB 2.0 for debugging
  • Micro SD card
  • Video output connector (micro HDMI)
  • Fan




DroneCore.Suite consists of these main blocks

DroneCore.Pilot - top board for control of the aircraft containing

  • Jetson Xavier NX
  • Cube flight controller
  • Internal 5V power supply
  • Power selector
  • Peripheral connectors
  • USB hub

DroneCore.Power - bottom board with power electronic containing

  • 4 FOC UAVCAN ESCs - 20A permanent / 40A peak current
  • Power sensor (battery voltage and current measurement)
  • Analog inputs for battery cell monitoring
  • LED Driver for 4 x WS2812B strips

DroneCore.Suite provides easy to use ROS based software stack supporting development of autonomous applications.

Out of the box device is configured to fly a quadcopter (though flight controller calibration is needed anyway).

Click here for documentation!

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