Soldering Iron Bit Tips for 60W Soldering Iron

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These are 60 watts Nickel Plated 3mm Soldering Iron Bits. The Soldering bit is a High-Quality Soldering Iron Tip. It can be used with any standard 60W soldering iron. This soldering iron tip offers the benefits of a long life span and resistance to oxidation, as well as being simple to install and operate, making it an excellent replacement for a normal soldering iron.

With a new tip for your soldering gun, you'll achieve better and faster solder joins, and the procedure will be much more enjoyable. This tip works with both analog and digital irons, and it's easy to replace out, taking only 30 seconds. All of the suggestions are suitable for both lead and lead-free environments (simply set the iron to the temperature required for the solder you are using). 

  • Sharp Point tip: The needle-type soldering iron tip is very pointed and was manufactured to do very detailed work. It is not suitable for soldering large components as it transfers relatively very less heat as compared to other tips. 
  • Bevel tip: The Bevel tips are used for drag soldering as they can hold more solder. It has a curved surface, resembling that of a ground-up chalk piece or pencil.  You can spread out solder on the tip and even apply small amounts on various points whether they are far apart or in close proximity.
  • Knife tip: The knife soldering iron tip comes with a slanted tip resembling the shape of a knife. It is great for drag soldering and fixing solder bridges. It is not impossible to do point soldering with this tip, but it is considerably difficult as compared to the other tips
  • Chisel tip: These are used for general purpose soldering. The surface area is larger as compared to conical tips – more heat is transferable from the tip to the electrical component. They are especially helpful in soldering thick wires.
  • Conical tip: The conical series tips are so named because of their pointed cone-like shape. Since it has a very rounded tip, soldering can be done from any angle, and hence this tip is used for general purposes.

Features :

  • Plated with Nickel
  • High-quality
  • Durable and Long Life
  • Tip Shapes: Sharp point tip, Bevel tip, Knife tip, Chisel tip, Conical tip

Power Rating 




Number of Bits 5
Length 42mm
Diameter 6.4mm

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