Double Side Pipe Submersible and Non Submersible Mini Water Pump

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This is a low-cost mini submersible water pump that operates on 3-6V DC power. It is extremely simple and straightforward to use. This pump has a single inlet valve and a single outlet valve. To begin pumping water, connect the inlet valve to your water source and the outlet valve to your desired location, and power the motor with 3-6V. This motor is compact, lightweight, and small. It can be controlled by a microcontroller/Arduino through the use of our DC Motor Drivers or one of our Relay Boards. This pump can be powered by our 5V SMPS Power Supply Adapter. You can also use our 6V Solar Panel in conjunction with a 6V voltage regulator to power the pump. This pump can be used under submersible and non-submersible conditions. Good product for science projects, fire extinguishers, fire fighting robots, fountains, waterfalls, plant watering systems, and so on.

Operating Voltage DC 2.5V~6V
Water Lift Height 40-110 cm
Flow Rate 80-120 L/H
Water Outlet Diameter (Outer) 7.6mm
Water Outlet Diameter (Inner) 4.8mm
Wire Length 16cm
Country of Origin China

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