DIY Smart Robot Tank Chassis Kit

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Unlike most Smart Tanks, which use friction to move the track, this one features track gears that are directly connected to the power source, preventing track sliding.
This new smart tank will have a smooth motion with its well-designed size and position of the bearings.


  • L9110 Connected and Included
  • Optocoupler Speed Sensor is Included
  • Chassis Kit, 3xBelts, 2xMotors Are Included
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Motor Maximum Torque: at 7.2V
  • Motor Speed Without Load: 250rpm at 7.2V
  • Motor Load current: 250mA at 7.2V

Pin Description

  • GND: Ground Connection of LM393 and Speed Sensor
  • VCC: Power Connection of LM393 and Speed Sensor
  • IA: Motor Driver L9110 Reverse Input
  • IB: Motor Driver L9110 Forward Input
  • SPEED: Output of Speed Sensor
  • M.P-: -ve Power Supply of L9110 and Motor
  • M.P+: +ve Power Supply of L9110 and Motor


Operating Voltage 3V-12V DC
Motor Operating Voltage  3V-8V DC
Motor Max. Torque at 7.2V
Motor Speed without Load 250rpmat 7.2V
Motor load current 250mA at 7.2V
Size 190x120x55mm

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