DIY Arduino Nano IO Shield

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Arduino Nano PTR Shield is an I/O Expansion Shield For Arduino Nano that makes it simple to connect Expansion Shield For Arduino Nano and various other devices. This is an Arduino Nano terminal adaptor that works great for prototyping. It allows you to connect a large number of digital lines to an Arduino Nano while keeping the original Nano's footprint. Although the shield is designed as per Arduino Nano version 3.0, you can still use this adapter with prior versions of the Arduino Nano (just have to remember that A0-A7 are in the reverse order). You can use this adapter to easily hook up Arduino Nano to outside via hook up wires.


  1. Compatible with Arduino NANO
  2. All digital and analog pins breakout
  3. Compact size;
  4. Leads all pins out, convenient for wiring, and doing experiments
Operating Voltage DC 5V
PCB Size 79x43mm

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