Digi 10/22 Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter

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A digital voltmeter is an electronic device used to measure the voltage in an electrical circuit. Unlike analog voltmeters that use a pointer on a scale to indicate voltage, digital voltmeters display numerical values directly on a digital screen. These voltmeters convert the analog voltage input into a digital signal, which is then processed and displayed as a numerical value. They offer high accuracy, better resolution, and often come with additional features like auto-ranging (automatically selecting the appropriate measurement range) and the ability to measure different types of voltage (AC or DC).  A digital ammeter is an electronic instrument used to measure electric current in a circuit. Similar to digital voltmeters, these devices display the current in a digital format, providing precise readings. Ammeters measure the flow of electric current, typically in amperes (amps), through a conductor. Digital ammeters use a shunt resistor or a current sensor to measure the current passing through the circuit. This measurement is then converted into a digital signal and displayed on a screen as a numerical value.

Type Multimeter
Voltage Range 500V
Current Range 60A
Display Digital
Brand Digi
Dimensions 70x72x64mm

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