DF10M Bridge Rectifier (Pack of 25)

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DF10M is a single-phase bridge rectifier. It is a four-pin IC. Two pins are for the AC input, and the two are for the DC output(Positive and Negative). This IC contains four internal diodes, as a bridge rectifier also has four diodes. This IC is used to rectify AC input, and after rectification, it converts into DC output. There is a massive application of this IC in AC/DC bridge full wave rectification, SMPS, Battery charger, and adapter.


  • Glass passivated bridge rectifier
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Single phase standard 1KV
  • Forward surge current 50A
  • Operating temperature 150°C
Model DF10M
Type  Bridge Rectifier
Peak forward surge current 50 A
Average rectified current 1.5 A
Total device dissipation  3.1 W
Maximum forward voltage drop 1.1V
No of pins 04
Length and Height 8.51mm and 3.3 mm

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