DC Wi-Fi Switch for Heavy Loads

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This is a single channel wifi switch relay module for high power loads of current rating up to 30A. This module allows you to build your own wireless device that controls appliances remotely. This board is customizable with different controller chips like EPS8266-12E,  ESP-01, Qiachip, ESP8266-12F. This switch works in AP+STA mode. Initially, when you power the board it will act as an access point with SSID name HnHSwitch30 and use “password” as a password to connect your smartphone to it via WiFi. Once the connection between the switch and your device is established. You will be redirected to a configuration page where you have to enter your Wi-Fi credentials. Once the switch restarts if you are on a laptop/Phone go to the browser and type "hnhswitch30.local" to open the control page of the switch. Now. you will be able to control your appliance using your smartphone or laptop within the local area network range. If you want to control it via the internet then you have to reprogram the device accordingly. 

PCB Size: 104x40.4mm


  • Upgradable circuit board
  • Communication Protocols: RF 433MHz, WiFi 2400-2484 MHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n,  
  • Programmable
  • Input Voltage (Vin) 11-30VDC
  • Output Voltage (Vout) Vin
  • Supports Load up to 30V 30A
  • It can be used as an IoT device.
  • It can be used with Alexa and smartphone within a local area network for wireless control of a relay.
  • Onboard LM2596 module is used to convert Vin to 5V DC
  • It Supports ESP-01, ESP8266-12E, ESP8266-12F, Qiachip.
  • Application: Switch ON/OFF AC, Geyser, Refrigerator, Motor and other Loads up to 30A.

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