D92-02 Ultrafast Soft Recovery Diode

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Modern centre tap ultrafast recovery diode, model number D92-02. It boasts a fantastic combination of qualities that lead to performance unmatched by any rectifier previously available. It uses the most recent epitaxial construction and superior processing techniques. With its fundamental values of 200V and 10 Aper leg continuous current, the D92-02 is particularly well suited for usage as the partner diode for IGBTs and MOSFETs. The FRED features work together to provide designers with a rectifier with much lower switching losses in both the switching transistor and the diode. Snubbing, component count, and heatsink sizes can all be significantly reduced thanks to these FRED benefits.


  • It has ultrafast and ultrasoft recovery
  • Very low IRRM
  • Very High QRR 
  • It has specified an operating temperature
  • It's used to reduce Power loss in switching Circuit
  • Its frequency operation is high
  • It's used in SMPS, UPS and Power Switching Devices
  • It reduces snubbing 
Model D92-02
Type Diode
Package TO-3PB
Reverse Voltage 200V
Forward Current  20A
Junction Capacitance 55pF
Lead Temperature 300-degree Centigrade
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C

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