Connectwell CTS10U 10sq. mm Feed Through Screw Clamp Terminal

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10 sq. mm Feed Through Terminal Blocks are the most Versatile terminals for control, Automation, Instrumentation and Power Distribution applications. A specially designed flexible foot enables easy mounting and dismounting from the Din rail with the help of a screwdriver. These Terminal Blocks have marker-holding recesses to accept marking tags for circuit identification. A cross connection can be achieved with the aid of shorting links/sleeves & screws. To feed through power, signal, and data is the classical requirement in electrical engineering and panel building. The distinguishing characteristics are the insulating material, the connection system, and the layout of the terminal blocks. One or more conductors can be joined together or connected using a feed-through terminal block. They might have one or more connection levels that are isolated from one another or on the same potential.
The most versatile terminals for control, automation, measurement, and power distribution applications are 10 feed through terminal blocks. With the aid of a screwdriver, a flexible foot with a particular design makes mounting and unmounting from the Din Rail simple. In order to receive marking tags for circuit identification, these Terminal Blocks contain marker holding holes. In order to create a cross connection, shorting links, sleeves, and screws are used.


Rated Voltage

1000 V

Rated Current

57 A

Tightening Torque

0.8 Nm

Housing Material


Product Function

Feed Through

Wire Entry Orientation

Side Entry

Mounting Possibility

DIN32/DIN 35/DIN 35-15 Rail

Screw Size


Operated by


Rated Surge Voltage

8 KV

Pollution Degree



Height with DIN 32 rail 52.8 mm

Height with DIN 35 x 15 mm rail

55.5 mm

Height with DIN 35 x 7.5 mm rail

47.8 mm


43 mm

Width (Thickness)

10 mm

Country of Origin China

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