CEAT Combination Plier 155mm

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It is a CEAT Combination Pliers, which is a hand-operated tool for holding and gripping small articles or for bending and cutting wire. Slip-joint pliers have grooved jaws, and the pivot hole in one member is elongated so that the member can pivot in either of two positions to grasp objects of different sizes in the most effective way.

Features : 

  • The Pliers are made from high grade Steel, forged and differentially heat treated to give the best performance.
  • Fully insulated with quality plastic material sleeves, which ensures safe electrical working.
  • Helps you work Better for Handyman.
  • Hardened & Tempered.
  • Economy & Durability  

Package Includes :

6 x CEAT Combination Plier


Brand CEAT
Product Type  Combination Pliers
Material Alloy Steel
Grip Material 
Size 155mm
Quantity  6

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