CDIL BD243C is an NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor TO-220 Package

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The CDIL BD243C is an NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT). BJTs are three-layer semiconductor devices that can be used as amplifiers, switches, and in other electronic applications. The BD243C is a specific part number for an NPN transistor made by Continental Device India Limited (CDIL). NPN transistors have three layers of semiconductor material. The middle layer is called the base, and it is very thin compared to the other two layers. The outer layers are called the emitter and the collector. In the BD243C, the emitter is N-type, the base is P-type, and the collector is N-type. NPN transistors like the BD243C can be used in various electronic applications, including amplifiers, signal processing, power switching, and more. The specific usage depends on the circuit design and requirements.


  • Its mounting style is Through Hole
  • It has three legs
  • Its rated Voltage is 100V 
  • Its power Dissipation is 65W


Part Number BD243C
Package TO-220
Type BJT
Brand CDIL
Voltage 100V
Power Dissipation 65W
Mounting Style Through Hole

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