CD4052B 4 Channel Multiplexer IC

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The CD4052B is a differential 4-Channel multiplexer with an inhibit input and two binary control inputs, A and B. The two binary input signals connect the analog inputs to the output and select one of four pairs of channels to be turned on. its used for analog and digital multiplexer its used in A/D and D/A converters Its used for Demultiplexing too. It has total 20 pins Its supply voltage is approximately 20V.


  • Its 20 pin DIP

  • Its DC input voltage range -0.5 to 0.5V

  • Its DC input current is 10mA

  • Its feed through frequency is 8MHz

  • Max Storage & Operating temperature should be: -65 to +150 Centigrade

Model CD4052B 
Type IC
Package 20 DIP
Voltage 20V
Input Capacitance 7.5pF
Propagation Delay time 160nS
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C

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