CD40106BE Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter IC DIP-14 Package

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The device with the number CD40106 has six Schmitt-Trigger inputs. Every circuit uses a Schmitt-Trigger input to operate as an inverter. For signals that are going negative or positive, the trigger flips at different times. Hysteresis voltage (VH) is defined as the difference between the positive-going voltage (VP) and the negative-going voltages (VN). The CD40106 device comes in regular packaging (D, N, NS, PW) and ceramic packaging (J). Every CD40106 device is designed to operate in an ambient temperature range of –55°C to +125°C.


  • No Cap on the Rise and Fall Times of Input

  • standardised, symmetrical characteristics of the output

  • For 20 V Quiescent Current

  • Maximum 1 µA Input Current at 18 V Throughout the Entire Package Temperature Range:

Type Schmitt Trigger
Current -2.4 to 2.4
No. of Pins 14
Package DIP-14
Mounting Type Through Hole
Part Number CD40106BE

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