CAPUF Embedded USB.C PD V1.1 65W/100W Board

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The USB-C PD Power Delivery Board is an essential component that functions as a control board, engaging in negotiations with USB PD Chargers to determine the preferred voltage and current settings as per your specifications. This adaptable board has various applications in scenarios requiring USB-C to power your project or device. It streamlines the process by employing a user-friendly DIP switch, allowing effortless selection of your desired output voltage or current rating from the USB PD Charger. Equipped with an on-board DC-DC converter, it can deliver approximately 3.3W of power by providing either 5V or 3.3V based on the chosen jumper configuration. When greater power is needed, additional power can be drawn from the DC-DC Converter with lower USB PD voltages (e.g., 9V, 12V) or by utilizing an external heatsink.

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