Capacitor Box (Assortment of 100 Capacitors and 20 Values)

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This capacitor kit offered 20 different values of capacitor. It has 50v  maximum voltage rating and. Through this kits provides 5 capacitor of same values .

  • Maximum Voltage Rating: 50V
  • Quantity: 100 (5 each per value) 
  • Capacitance values: 2pF, 10pF, 15pF, 22pF, 33pF, 47pF, 68pF, 82pF, 100pF, 220pF, 330pF, 470pF, 1KpF, 1K5pF, 2K2pF, 3K3pF, 4k7pF, 10KPF, 100KpF(0.1uF)

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