Camel Long Nose Plier

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Needle-nose pliers, also known as long-nose pliers and snipe-nose pliers, are cutting and holding pliers used by craftsmen, jewellery designers, electricians, network engineers, and other tradespeople to bend, reposition, and slice wire. Needle nose pliers received their amusing name for obvious reasons: the tips of their jaws are quite small (though 'needles' may be a stretch), making them ideal for reaching into confined spots to grab fasteners or other objects.

Features :

  • Its a Camel Long Nose Plier
  • Used to bend, re-position and snip wire.
  • They are long and narrow, with pointy, curved or angled tips that have a strong grip.
Long Nose Plier 
150 mm 
Grip Material Use  PVC 
Quantity 2 Pcs.

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