BZV55C5V1 4.8V - 5.4V Voltage Regulator Diode (Pack of 2500)

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Voltage regulator diodes utilize the reverse characteristics of a PN junction. When raising reverse voltage of PN junction diodes, high current starts flowing at a certain voltage, and constant voltage can be obtained. (This phenomenon is called breakdown and this voltage is called breakdown voltage.) BVZ55 series are low-power voltage regulator diodes which come in small hermetically sealed glass SOD80 Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) package. The diodes are offered in tolerance ranges of about 5% (BZV55-C) . There are 37 different varieties in the series, with nominal working voltages ranging from 2.4 V to 75 V. This kind of voltage regulator is suitable for general regulating purposes.

Features :-

  • Total power dissipation: 500mW
  • Low differential resistance
  • Two tolerance series: 2% and 5%


Parameter Values
Model BZV55C5V1
Supply Voltage 4.8 V – 5.4 V
Differential resistance 400 W - 480 W at Iz=1 mA
40 W - 60 W at Iz=5 mA
Temperature Coefficient -2.7 mV/K – 1.2 mV/K
Diode Capacitance 300 pF
Non-repetitive peak reverse current 6.0 A
Junction Temperature -60°C - 200°C
Storage Temperature -60°C - 200°C
Total Power Dissipation 400 mW -  500 mW
Forward Current 250 mA
Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Power Dissipation 40 W
Package SOD80
Quantity 2500
Country of Origin China

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