BZV55C3V3 3.3V 500mW Voltage Regulator Zener Diode (Pack of 100)

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The Voltage regulator diode BZV55-C3V3 makes use of the PN junction's reversal properties. PN junction diodes' reverse voltage can be increased to the point where a strong current begins to flow and constant voltage is attained. Both this occurrence and this voltage are referred to as breakdown phenomena. This property is actively used by voltage regulator diodes. Voltage regulator diodes are also referred to as Zener diodes since this breakdown voltage is also known as the Zener voltage. This voltage can be used as a reference voltage for electrical circuits or as a constant voltage power source.
Voltage regulation, reference elements, surge suppressors, switching applications, and clipper circuits all make use of Zener diodes.


  • Non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation: <= 40 W
  • Total power dissipation:  500 mW
  • Two tolerance series: 2 % and 5 %
  • Wide working voltage range: nominal 2.4 V to 75 V
  • Low differential resistance
Model BZV55-C3V3
Type Voltage regulator diodes
Package Style SOD80
Forward current(max) 250 mA
Zener Voltage 3.3 V
Power dissipation 500 mW 
reverse current at VR = 1V 5 µA
Forward voltage IF = 10 mA 0.9 V

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