Breadboard Friendly Mini USB Power Supply Module

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This breakout board is ideal for connecting USB data pins /Signal pins to custom-designed microcontroller boards and other DIY projects. If all you need is 5V USB power for your prototype circuits, such as breadboards, perforated boards, or Vero boards, then you can use this module. This module supports Mini USB and Micro USB both for powering the module but you can use only one at a time. 


  • VBUS: 5V Power Supply
  • D- : USB D- Signal
  • D+: USB D+ Signal
  • ID: USB Identifier Signal for OTG Devices
  • GND: Power Ground
Interface Type Mini USB
Mounting  Easily Mountable on Breadboard
PCB Size 25.2x20.2mm
No. of Pins 10
Country of Origin China

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