Black Horse 80W Hot Melt Glue Gun

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This is a multipurpose glue gun that is capable of preparing a long-lasting bond, and can be used in many do-it-yourself projects, is handy for art and craft projects, and serves a very crucial role for people involved in hobby electronics as well as professional prototyping as it serves as a substitute for many mechanical structures. Apart from projects, this glue gun can also be used to repair day-to-day household items like handles, foam, and items made of wood and plastic. The glue gun can also be used for decorating purposes. Its unique gun-like design makes glue application extremely easy and applying adhesives clean, efficient, and easy, unlike traditional methods that make sticking things feel like a Herculean and extremely messy task. The glue gun is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of hobby and craft projects. It can be used on many surfaces such as wood, plastic, foam, metal, fabric, metal, fabric, paper, cardboard, ceramic, etc. 


  • Brand-Black Horse
  • Its material is plastic
  • Its power is 80W 
  • Load a Glue stick into the back of the gun.
  • Connect to the electrical outlet; preheat for 5-8 minutes. 
  • Lightly squeeze the trigger to release the melted glue. 
  • Only use as much glue as you need. 
  • Wait for the glue to dry. 
Power 80W
Colour Black
Brand Black Horse
Type Hot Melt Glue Gun

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