Bi-Colour LED 5mm ( Red & Yellow Green) Common Cathode White Diffused Lens

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There are three legs on a Bi-Color LED. It has the ability to emit light in two different colours. Bi-Colour LEDs are classified as either Common Cathode or Common Anode. This is a common cathode Bi-Colour LED. It means that the Cathode for both the colour of LED is common, and the colour of LED can be controlled using the anode. This LED emits two colours Red & Yellow Green


Type Common Cathode
LED Diameter 5mm
LED Colour Red/ Yellow Green
Forward Voltage 2.0V
Forward Current 20mA
Lens Colour White Diffused
Max. Reverse Voltage 5.0V DC
Max. Reverse Current 30mA
Operating Temperature -40°C~80°C

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