BDX33C 10A Power Transistor

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BDX33C is a Power transistor; Power transistors are three-terminal devices composed of semiconductor materials. They feature emitter, base and collector terminals. These devices are mainly designed to control high current–voltage ratings. It's maximum forward current is 10A its Darlington complementary silicon transistor's voltage range is 45-100V.


  • It has a small size
  • It has lightweight and highly efficient
  • It's not too costly
  • It's used for the fast-switching operation
  • Its applications are SMPS, UPS, Inverter and other general switching applications.
Model BDX33C
Type Power Transistor
Package  TO-220
Collector Base Voltage 100V
Total Power Dissipation 70W
Emitter base voltage 5V
Base Current 0.25A

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