PMBT3904 NPN General Purpose Transistor SMD SOT-23

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PMBT3904 is a general-purpose semiconductor device that may be used to amplify, switch, or control a signal or power. Because the PMBT3904 is an NPN transistor, we must apply a little amount of positive voltage to the transistor's base via a current limiting resistor known as an RB (Base Resistor). When the proper amount of current passes through the transistor's base, the transistor will switch on.  The PMBT3904 NPN transistor is packaged in a tiny SOT-23 package. It operates on low current and voltage .


  • General-purpose amplifier applications
  • NPN epitaxial silicon, planar design
  • Collector current IC= 100mA
  • In compliance with EU RoHS 2002/95/EC directives
Part Number PMBT3904 
Collector-Emitter Voltage  40V
Collector-Base Voltage 60V
Emitter-Base Voltage  6V
Collector  Current  -  Continuous 100mA
Max Power Dissipation 250mW
Junction and Storage Temperature Range  - 65 to +150 degree C
Country of Origin China

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