AZ4580P Low Noise Operational Amplifier

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AZ4580P is a type of Low Noise operational amplifier. As we already know, the amplifier is used to amplify the signal; it increases the strength of the weak signal for better transmission. This low-noise operational amplifier is designed to boost the audio signal strength. It can be used in pre-amplifiers, industrial measuring tools, and applications where gain and phase-matched channels are essential. It is made explicitly for audio systems to increase tone control. Internal frequency correction, low noise, low distortion, high gain, and high bandwidth are all features of the IC. The AZ4580 may run on a single power source up to 36V or a dual power supply up to 18V.

Applications: It's used in audio AC -3 Decoder systems, It's used in audio amplifiers.

Pin details: 1- OUTPUT1, 2- INPUT1-, 3- INPUT1+ ,4- VEE, 5-INPUT2+, 6- INPUT2-, 7-OUTPUT2, 8- VCC


  • Large signal voltage gain 110DB

  • Low input noise Voltage 0.7Micro Volt

  • It has 8 Pins

  • Small size, Highly reliable

  • Low Distortion: 0.0005% Typical·

  • Slew Rate: 7V/μs Typical
Model AZ4580P
Package DIP8
VCC +20V
VEE -20V
Input voltage 15V
Total power dissipation 800mW
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65°C TO 150°C
Country of Origin China

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