AVR ATMega8 Bootloader Mini Development Board

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This is an AVR ATMega8 Bootloader Mini Development Board. It is specially designed Bootloader Mode by using BOOT Button on board, with no need for a separate programmer. The board has Atmega8 MCU with a USB bootloader feature, hence no external programmer is required which means this can easily program by USB Cable only. This has on board L293D circuit which provides the best solutions for robotics applications. 4 LEDs were also provided to check the status & configure the outputs. We designed this board for small robotics & embedded applications tools & projects.


  • Directly to USB Programmable Board with Boot Feature & also Built-in 4 LED Interface to test I/O, Bluetooth Interface (HC-05), with inbuilt Circuit of the motor driving L293D on board.
  • All input & output devices are supported by boards like IR, Sound, Ultrasonic, LDR, Voice, Temperature, Humidity, Pulse & Heartbeat Sensors.
Product AVR ATMega8 Bootloader Mini Development Board 
MCU Socket DIP
Dimension(mm) 87*87 (mm)
Programme Interface USB B-Type
No of Port 03
Make Make in India
Country of Origin China

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