ATMega8A IoT Learning Development Board Kit With Relay (Bootloader)

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It is an IOT ATMEGA8A Development Board ( Bootloader) with a relay. Its AVR 8-bit, 16MHz microcontroller with USB bootloader feature makes it extremely easy to program via USB cable. You just have to drag and drop the HEX file using bootloader software. There is no need for an external programmer. The relay allows low-power circuits to switch a relatively high Current/Voltage ON/OFF and helps to increase the current carrying capacity of the board. It uses L293D which is best suitable to be used in robotics applications. The LEDs give status and can also configure output. This board is designed to design robotics and embedded applications tools & projects. Apart from being a compact board and onboard motor driver, L293D has DTMF circuitry making it compatible with mobile communication.


  • USB interface
  • 8Kb memory
Model ATMega8A Development Board Kit With Relay (Bootloader)
Microprocessor ATMEGA8A
Dimensions 8.9x10.15x0.2cm
Application IoT Learning Board Kit

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