AS4C1M16F5 16-bits CMOS DRAM 5V

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The AS4C1M16F5 is a high-performance 1,048,576 words-per-16-bits CMOS Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). The AS4C1M16F5 is made with the help of cutting-edge CMOS technology and cutting-edge design methodologies, resulting in high speed, exceptionally low power consumption, and ample operating margins at the component and system levels. The Alliance 16Mb DRAM series is designed for use as the primary memory in workstations, personal and mobile computers, multimedia systems, and router switch applications. With the AS4C1M16F5's high-speed page mode, read and write operations can be carried out inside a single row (or page) at a very fast rate (15 ns from XCAS) by switching column addresses within that row. The falling edge of the RAS and xCAS inputs are used to alternately latch row and column addresses into input buffers. Additionally, RAS is employed to make the column address latch visible, allowing column addresses to be applied before xCAS assertion. For separate byte control of reading and writing access, the AS4C1M16F5 offers dual UCAS and LCAS.

Features :-
  • Organization: 1,048,576 words × 16 bits
  • Low power consumption
    Active: 880 mW max (AS4C1M16F5-60)
  • Fast page mode
  • 1024 refresh cycles, 16 ms refresh interval
    RAS-only or CAS-before-RAS refresh
  • Read-modify-write
  • TTL-compatible, three-state DQ
Parameter Values
Model AS4C1M16F5-60JC
Supply Voltage -1.0 V – 7.0 V
Input voltage (DQs) -1.0 V –  VCC+0.5 V
Operating Temperature -40 °C – 85 °C
Soldering temperature × time 260 × 10 °C × sec
Power dissipation 1 W
Short circuit output current 50 mA
Package SMD
Country of Origin China


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