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The AS4C1M16E5 is a high-performance 1,048,576 words-per-16-bits CMOS Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). The device is constructed using cutting-edge CMOS technology and cutting-edge design methodologies, resulting in high speed, extremely low power consumption, and wide operating margins at the component and system levels. For usage as main memory in personal and portable PCs, workstations, multimedia, and router switch applications, the Alliance 16Mb DRAM family is optimized. The AS4C1M16E5 is available in the standard 42-pin plastic SOJ and 44/50-pin TSOP II packages, respectively. The AS4C1M16E5 device operates with a single power supply of 5V ± 0.5V and provides TTL compatible inputs and outputs. E13005 is a type of NPN transistor it has three terminal emitter , base, collector its a plastic envelope transistor it is used in high speed power switching circuit, high current switching up to 4A, relay solenoid driver, UPS, Inverter circuits, DC-DC converter, Speed control motor.


  • Organization: 1,048,576 words × 16 bits

  • TTL-compatible, three-state DQ

  • Industrial and commercial temperature available

  • It has 1024 refresh cycle and 16 ms refresh interval

  • Its max power supply in 5.5V

  • Low power consumption, Active:740 mW max (AS4C1M16E5-60), Standby: 5.5 mW max, CMOS DQ
  • Its power dissipation is 1W
Model AS4C1M16E5 
Package SOJ
Brand Alliance
No of Pins 42
Short Circuit Output Current  50mA
Power Dissipation 1W
Soldering Temperature 260Degree Centigrade
Supply Voltage 5.5V

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