ARX FD1290-S3033E 12V DC 0.18A BLDC Cooling Fan

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A brushless DC fan uses brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) that have a cross-pattern arrangement of four permanent magnets mounted on the sides of the rotor. Unlike brushed DC motors, BLDC motors do not require any commutator or brushes to operate. The brushless DC fan is made of a combination of a powerful BLDC motor, fan blades, and shaft. These fans are durable, reliable, and highly energy efficient.

Features :

  • Very Low Current Consumption.
  • Easy to Install and connect.
  • Long Connecting Wire with connector.
  • Brushless Motor.
Dimension 92x92x24mm
Model FD1290-S3033E
Current 0.18A
Voltage 12V
Colour Black
Type BLDC Cooling Fan

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