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The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 is newly upgraded with 5 major visual recognition algorithms and 7 hardware updates, supporting 6 robotic arms of Elephant Robotics. Users can learn major robotics knowledge from 8 perspectives and use visualization software with this kit. It can achieve positioning, grabbing, and automatic sorting. Based on the Python platform, the control of the robotic arm can be realized through the software. Users can learn the basics of artificial intelligence, inspire innovative creation, and enjoy the open source creative culture with AI Kit 2023.

The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 has good expandability and high openness, and can be used for multiple purposes. It can be easily used for higher education training platforms, robotics study and research, or personal learning and project development.


AI kit has 5 built-in main visual recognition algorithms and users can use different colored wooden blocks and different shaped cards for the recognition function. Also, users can use 4 types of QR CODE recognition to learn the relationship between 2D and 3D. Feature point recognition helps users learn to understand image segmentation and features and learn YOLOv5 algorithm quickly.

photo of myCobot Arduino with main featuresphoto of myCobot Arduino with main features

Compatible with 6 Robotic Arms of ER

It is compatible with 6 robotic arms of Elephant Robotics, supports M5Stack and Raspberry Pi versions.

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

Vision education kit


What can you learn?

    • OpenCV
    • Python
    • ROS
    • Inverse kinematics


    • Hand-eye calibration
    • Robot vision
    • Robot control principle
    • End-effector use


photo of myCobot Arduino with main features
** Robot Arms are not included in the kit.


The Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 supports visual software operation, provides customized and simple operation methods. Users can quickly start the artificial intelligence learning journey.



Product name

AI kit 2023
Color recognition
Shape recognition
AR code recognition
Feature point recognition
YOLOv5 recognition
Visual positioning capture
automatic sorting
ROS √(only for myCobot 280)
Visualization software



Product name

AI kit 2023
Acrylic base With screen print
Robotic Arm Fixing Base Universal base
USB Camera 2 megapixel + fill light camera
Camera Bracket Aluminum extrusion stand
Suction Pump Suction pump V2.0
Other Parts Big and small bins
Packing Sponge Pearl sponge


Product parameter

Product name

AI Kit 2023
Total measurement 500X400X405mm
Recognition speed Color/shape/QR code: 300ms; Feature points: 600ms
Recognition accuracy 3mm
camera name USB distortion free camera
image pixels 2M 1080p
Supported image formats MJPG/YUY2
pixel size 3.0umx3.0um
Maximum frame rate MJPG:1920*1080@30fps; YUV:1920*1080@30fps
USB protocol Standard UVC protocol
Power supply DC5V 90mA
Field of view 110° no distortion
Lens focal length 2.8mm
Supported system Windows XP/7/8/10/VISTA/SEVEN/MAC LINUX(include uvc)/Raspberry Pi/Android 4.2+



Q1: Does it support secondary development?

A1: Of course. You can use our API to control the robot arm directly or remotely, or dive directly into the open source ROS code. It also supports the development of vision applications using OpenCV.


Q2: What can I learn with this kit?

A2: With AI Robot Kit , you can learn OpenCV, Python programming, ROS learning, inverse kinematics, hand-eye calibration, machine vision, robot control principles, end-effector use, etc.

Q3: Is there a visual software operation?

A3: Of course, AI Kit supports visual software operations. It provides custom and simple operation methods to quickly open the AI Kit.


Q4: What are the applications I can achieve?

A4: We have 5 big visual recognition application scenarios. The kit includes red, yellow, blue and green color wood blocks, different shape cards. 4 kinds of QR code recognition to learn the projection relationship between 2D and 3D world. Image feature point algorithm takes you to learn image segmentation, saves image feature. Deep learning yolov5 algorithm helps you understand the neural network.


Q5: What about its working time?

A5: The robotic arm in the kit uses adapter power instead of battery power. As long as there is power, it can always work. But we do not recommend letting it work for a long time. Just like you use a computer, it is better to let it take a break once in a while.


Q6: Can you provide relevant information about the Artificial Intelligence Kit 2023 of Elephant Robotics?


Github-development Link ( software tutorial ) can be found here!

Gitbook ( Web Version Detailed Tutorial ) can be found here!


Q8: What about the after-sale service?


Warranty Period Warranty Services
≤12 months Elephant Robotics offers one free new part. The customer will bear shipping costs. ThinkRobotics will facilitate the process.
≥12 months Customers have to pay for the repair.

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