Arduino UNO Starter Kit

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This kit is designed by HatchnHack to help you get started with electronics and enjoy Arduino programming. The kit's contents are well-thought-out to cover the greatest number of tasks with a small number of components on hand. It also eliminates the hassle of purchasing separate components for your different projects. 

This kit aims to help you develop Arduino skills starting from the introductory to advanced levels. It has all the rudimentary components that one comes across while experimenting and prototyping with Arduino. You can learn interfacing sensors, actuators and solve real-life problems while experimenting with this kit.

It is especially used by absolute beginners, whether they are school students or college students. 

Kit Includes
Item Quantity
Arduino UNO with Cable 1
Red LED (5mm) 5
Green LED (5mm) 5
Blue LED (5mm) 5
RGB LED ( Common Cathode) 1
Push Button 2
Buzzer 1
LCD 16x2 (Green) 1
Seven Segment Display 2
Potentiometer 10k 1
Preset 10k 1
DHT11 Temp & Humidity Sensor 1
Resistor Pack 1
Country of Origin India

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