Arduino Nano Expansion Board Servo Shield

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The Arduino Nano Expansion Board Servo Shield. The Nano Expansion Adapter Breakout Board IO Shield functions as an Arduino Nano microcontroller breakout board. The unit is delivered fully assembled. The Nano 328P IO Expansion Shield is specifically designed to allow for a simple connection between the 328P Nano and a variety of other devices.


  • Compatible with Arduino NANO.
  • All digital and analog pins break out.
  • Compact size.

Package Included:

1 x NANO I/O Expansion Shield Module.


 Product Arduino Nano Expansion Board Servo Shield 
 Compatible Board Arduino Nano
 No. of Servo type with(GND, Power & Signal) I/O 14
 No. of Analog Pin with(Power Output & GND) 06
 Output Voltage 3.3V
 Input Voltage 
3.3 ~ 5V
 Dimension (mm) 58 x 54 x 13(mm)
 Make Made in India
Country of Origin China

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