Aluminium Heat Sink for TO-220 Package (20x16x12mm)

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This type of Heatsink is commonly used for Multi- watt and TO-220 package ICs. These premium heat sinks are ideal for cooling any TO-220 package devices, including 78XX series regulators, TIP-122/127, and MOSFETs of any type. This heatsink includes an interior screw threaded hole, allowing it to be fastened to components with merely a screw. The bottom and top of this heatsink have built-in threads that allow it to be fastened to the PCB.


  • Reduces the risk of hardware failure due to overheating
  • A low profile will fit into most cases.
  • Simple, Passive cooling. No need for noisy fans.
  • Lightweight aluminum heat sinks with screw threaded hole.
Material Aluminium
Number of Blades 4
Size 19.8x15.8x11.9mm
Colour Silver
Country of Origin China

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