Aluminium Heat Sink for Chips and Boards 47x40x15mm

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The purpose of this Semiconductor Heat Sink is to keep various chips, boards, and ICs cool so that they can operate safely. This heat sink is made of aluminium, which decreases the possibility of hardware failure due to overheating.
This Aluminium Heat Sink is 47 x 40 x 15 mm (L x W x H) and can be used for a variety of applications. It is appropriate for installation with a cooling fan measuring 40 x 40 or larger.


  1. Prevents overheating of board
  2. Absorbs heat quickly
  3. Fast cooling
Material Aluminium
Number of Blades 10
Size 47x40x15mm
Colour Silver


Further Info

A heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that transmits heat from an electrical or mechanical device to a fluid medium, typically air or a liquid coolant, where it is dissipated away from the device, allowing to regulate the temperature of components. Heat sinks are used in computers to keep CPUs, GPUs, and some chipsets and RAM modules cool. Heat sinks are utilised with high-power semiconductor devices like power transistors and optoelectronics like lasers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), where the component's heat dissipation capability is insufficient to keep the temperature under control. Read more

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