AC 220V Wireless Receiver Transmitter Motor Forward Reverse Remote Control Switch For Projector Electronic Curtain

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Mainly used to control AC motor forward and reverse(such as: projection screen, electric curtains, electric hangers, garage doors, retractable doors etc), can use the equipment to be

controller to achieve the motor's positive and negative, or switch on and off conversion to achieve wired and wireless compatibility.

Learning way

First complete clear the code, then press Up button or DOWN button, press one of the button on the remote at the same time, wait until the LED flashes five times, at that time means learning code has been completed


UP and DOWN buttons are independent learn

After power-on, the LED indicator is always on, and the LED flashes when running

Clearing code way

After ensuring that the power wire is correctly connected, the power-on LED is on, press the STOP button without releasing, wait for LED flash twice, that means complete clear code


1. The bottom plate is charged, do not touch after power on.

2. If the motor does not work after installation, you can exchange the direction line to try

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